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Why repair my Dyson?

There are numerous reasons not to throw away your Dyson:

  1. Cost of a new one - up to £450 for a new Dyson

  2. Can you get something of similar power now the EU law banning motors over 900W in vacuum cleaners is in place?

  3. Environmental reasons - throwing nearly 10Kg of plastic and metal away.


Common questions we get are "Is it worth it?", "How much will it cost?'
Yes it is worth it and it won't cost as much as you think, but make sure you find a reputable or recommended company.

Here is a link to our repair prices if you are in the Nottingham/ Derby area.

We tell you what it should cost and how to avoid the rogue repair shops below.


Average NEW Dyson price £250, average repair or parts cost = £50

Yes new Dyson's come with a 5 year guarantee but with an average price of £250 so they should.

If you replace your motor in your Dyson DC14 with us once a year (very, very unlikely) that would cost you around £260 over 4 years.
Considering a new motor lasts on average 5 years, repairing your Dyson is definitely the cheaper option.

Whether you need the £35 service or the £65 motor replacement service, we will look over your Dyson and get it performing like a new one EVERY time.

If you are not in our service area we will advise you the best we can and supply you with the parts we feel you need to get your Dyson working properly again.


With many Dysons repaired, we know every problem and every solution. has a 100% first time repair rate, that means whether we come to your home or you bring the Dyson to us, we fix it first time.
I bring the parts necessary to fix it there and then, After you have called us and told us it is making a burning smell and you think its the motor, I don't show up look at it and say "Yes its the motor I'll get one ordered, see you in a week"
Once I show up it will be working within the hour! If you bring it to us then depending on how busy things are and parts availability I can sometimes fix it while you wait, if not it will be fixed by the following day.

We offer the full solution for your Dyson:


Split hose or other broken parts? Visit our Parts store

Problems with your Dyson? Visit our troubleshooting section

Problems you can't solve yourself? Contact us or book a repair in the Nottingham/ Derby area

Need a user manual? Download it for Free


We guarantee to be cheaper on our vacuum cleaner service and parts than every time.




Our most expensive service is £65 on most models (£80 on ball models) and our least expensive is £35 (suction problems or general service). We also have a £50 service for if you are having suction problems and have a couple of major broken parts.


Dyson charge £79 for most problems and £99 for a motor replacement. Also their service prices do not include filters or accessories!


Dyson try and scare you away from third party repairers as unscrupulous. Yes there are a few bad apples out there who will charge you £150 for a repair to your DC01.

That is not what we are about, we rely on repeat business and word of mouth to grow our business.


If you are offered an exceptionally cheap price to repair your Dyson, (this is usually done by cold calling, we will NOT cold call you ever and neither will anyone from Dyson)

Think about it! A full service for £20?


Click here to learn more about how to avoid the rogue repair centres.



We offer Free UK shipping on ALL of our parts on ANY size order via our parts website

We also offer global shipping in the majority of currencies.

At RepairMyDyson we offer genuine and compatible parts for your Dyson. Dyson will try and scare you away from compatible parts as being inferior but it all depends on the supplier of the parts, sometimes the part comes from the same supplier as Dyson but without the Dyson logo but half the price.

We check every compatible part ourselves before we use it or sell it, if we are unhappy with it in anyway we do not use it or sell it.
We only use one supplier for all of our parts, genuine and compatible, this is a worldwide distributor for ALL appliance parts not just Dyson. They have their own quality checks and testing to comply with EU standards.
Not all suppliers have the same quality and standards as the one we use.

Repairs and parts that don't last affect our reputation, waste your time and ours and that is not the sort of company we run at


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