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Why choose a Dyson?

Many people seem to have forgotten or simply don't know why Dysons are better than other vacuum cleaners.


Well in the pre-Dyson days the only vacuum cleaners that were available were based on an early 1900s design.

They used bags, bags were used as filters before the air got to the motor, but they also collected the dirt and dust.

The problem with the bags was once they clogged the suction died too.


Along came James Dyson in 1993, he used Dual cyclone technology to separate the dirt and dust so that bags were no longer needed.

He had offered this technology to Hoover previously, they refused as they made too much money from bags.

Hoover later copied James Dyson's design and lost in court.


Other companies came up with their "bagless technology"

People bought it but do you know what the problem was?

These companies simply replaced the bag with a filter.
The problem with that was once the filter blocked, the suction dropped off, same as the bag.




Dyson's dual cyclone and later root cyclone relied on a lot more than that. It relied on cyclone separation, the dust and particles were separated and separated again which meant only the really fine dust got to the filter. The rest was captured in the bin.


Early Dyson vacuum cleaners required the filters to be changed every 3 months, competitor brands you would be lucky if they lasted a week.
The newer Dyson vacuum cleaners need their filters washing every 3-6 months, unless a problem occurs this makes them nearly cost free after purchase.

Other manufacturers are now able to copy the original dual cyclone as the patent expired some time ago, but Dyson no longer manufacture dual cyclone vacuum cleaners anymore.
They have moved on with their technology to root cyclone, radial root cyclone and now 2 tier radial cyclones. In other words the other manufacturers are always playing catch up.


Along with their range of air multipliers (fans) and the hand dryers you will have seen popping up in public toilets around the world, Dyson will be around for some time because of their ability to innovate.

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