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Dyson vacuum cleaner - Strange noise troubleshooting.

If you are getting strange noises from your Dyson vacuum cleaner, listen very carefully as each one is telling you something different. Look through the list and see if you can spot your strange noise.



If you are getting a whistling noise, that usually indicates an air leak (vacuum leak) of some kind.
If you also have a loss of suction, make sure you check for blockages, torn seals, or parts not fitted correctly such as u-bends etc.
A seal may also be missing so go through our poor suction troubleshooting and see if you can spot where the suction dies.


If you try all of that with no luck and have a machine that has a HEPA filter like the DC07 or DC14 especially, then remove the HEPA filter and check the circular seal underneath the HEPA filter. If this has moved even slightly this may be causing the whistling, try removing the seal and putting the filter back in.


The DC24 and DC25 ball models are known for this, you turn the machine off and it gives off a strange revving/flapping noise. To diagnose this properly then remove the HEPA filter (the one in the ball) turn it back on and off again. If the noise has gone then replace the HEPA filter with a new one. Go to our parts store to order one


A popping noise accompanied by a really pungent burning smell 99% of the time indicates a motor failure with your Dyson vacuum cleaner.
This will involve a motor and usually a post motor filter replacement as it usually burns the post filter or at best traps that lovely smell in the filter for eternity.


Sometimes a popping noise is a bit simpler.

All Dyson vacuum cleaners are fitted with something called a bleed valve, if the Dyson becomes blocked the bleed valve opens allowing air to get to the motor so it doesn't get too hot and fail.
The bleed valve on most models makes a popping noise, clear the blockage and/or wash your filter and that should solve it.

Go to our suction problems page to troubleshoot it.



If you hear the dreaded ratcheting noise it'll scare your kids and pets and make you switch it off immediately. It sounds like a football rattle but worse.


The ratcheting noise only happens on Dyson vacuum cleaners with a clutch.
Don't know the difference?
Look at the two models below, the one to the left does not have a clutch the one to the right does.
Still don't see it? Look at the bottom left of each machine, the purple ones have a purple dial meaning it has a clutch (could be any colour dial) the yellow one doesn't.


Anyway, back to the ratchet noise.
This usually only happens when something is obstructing the brushbar, it stops the brushbar to prevent the belt from breaking (clutch belts cannot be replaced by the customer) and makes the ratchet noise to warn you.

Removing the obstruction, like a sock or paperclip from the brushbar will usually get it working again.
If you remove the obstruction and it still ratchets, then unplug your Dyson and try turning the brushbar by hand. It should be quite loose, if not remove the brushbar by grabbing it and twisting and pulling until it comes out.

When you get it out try turning it if it is still tight then remove the end caps and check for dust or hair build up  in the ends and also remove any hair built up around the brushbar. Spray some WD40 in the ends if necessary, put the end caps back on the brushbar and try again. If it is still tight to turn then I recommend a new brushbar.
If the brushbar is spinning freely by hand then the odds are it will require a new clutch.
We sell these in our parts store one clutch fits most models, the only exception is any DC03 and the DC04 Zorbster model. We sell all clutches and brushbars in our parts store




If your Dyson vacuum cleaner is making a loud vibrating or revving noise.
First thing to try is empty your bin and make sure there are no blockages, if that doesn't solve it then remove the brushbar and then try switching your Dyson back on again.
If the noise is normal again then it is your brushbar or possibly clutch if applicable. Remove the brushbar, cut off any hair, remove the end caps of the brushbar and apply grease, WD-40 etc to the bearings. Put the end caps back on again and try and spin it, does it spin freely? If not then the brush may need replacing.
If the noise remains with the brushbar removed then I'm afraid it is a motor failure and will need a motor replacement.
If your motor fails with this noise usually it is down to the filters not being washed often enough and dust choking the motor.



If you have one of the ball model Dysons, such as DC15, DC24, DC25 etc. this could be your brushbar motor, brush bar or the end cap!
Best thing to do is remove your brushbar and end cap and inspect them. Any obvious sign of wear or damage then replace them. Also inspect the part at the other end of were the brushbar sits (this is the brushbar motor and drives the brushbar) Is it worn or damaged? If so you will need a new brushbar motor.
Try switching it on with the brushbar removed and the brushbar motor turned off at the switch.
Is the noise still there? If yes then there is a good chance you need a new main motor (not brush bar motor)
If your answer was no, try switching it on with the brush bar motor on (will need to be in the leaned back position for this) Is the noise still there? Yes, then you will need a new brushbar motor.
If your answer was no again, then replace your brushbar and end cap.


One more thing to try with the DC24 and DC25 ball models is to remove the HEPA filter (the one in the ball) switch it back on and off again. Has the noise gone? Yes, then the HEPA filter needs to be replaced.



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