Important repair information                             Updated 22/07/ 2022

I knew this day would come!

Due to the mass obsolescence of parts by Dyson and the increase in handheld models, it is no longer viable to carry out repairs.

I may still carry out repairs on an ad hoc basis but currently I am extremely busy in other employment so cannot guarantee any repairs will take place.

I will no longer carry out repairs on any handheld/cordless models as the margins are so small it is not economically viable. will remain open for information purposes, however it may be closed down in the future.

The parts store has been redesigned to allow parts to continue to be shipped to the UK without any delay. Your parts orders continue to allow the website to remain open for information purposes, without it the website would have to close.


We have a lot of information on our site that could avoid an unnecessary repair so feel free to browse the redesigned parts store, troubleshooting pages and also download a user manual.

The good news

A new business is in the pipeline but it will be 2023 before it potentially opens. This new business will involve installation and tech support for computers, tablets, phones, cyber security, CCTV, Smart devices, Wi-fi, networks and more.

The phone number for 07986474499 will remain active but will go to Voicemail. New contact information will be sent out to all members of RepairMyDyson so be sure to join the site if you are interested in learning more about the new business.