Genuine Dyson DC24 Cleaner head 915936-12 | repairmydyson

Genuine Dyson DC24 cleaner head - comes complete with cleaner head, brushbar motor, PCB assembly, Brushbar and end cap.

When would this part need replacing?
-This is a simpler option when your brushbar motor has failed as it can be replaced in 30 seconds using a butter knife if necessary (flat blade screwdriver is the recommended tool) Obviously it is more expensive but it does not need any technical know how.
-When the brushbar won't spin even after clearing the obstruction and pressing the reset button.
-When there are sparks/burning smell from the cleanerhead.
-When it is damaged or had liquid spilt on it.
-When the brushbar motor has been replaced and the brush still won't spin (PCB failure)

Fits The following DC24 models:
DC24, DC24i, DC24 Multi floor, DC24 Multi floor Complete, DC24 Multi Floor exclusive, DC24 Animal, DC24 Blitz it

Genuine Dyson DC24 Cleaner head 915936-12