Genuine Dyson DC14 brushbar soleplate kit clutchless models only

These must both be replaced especially when replacing the brushbar.
When would this part need to be replaced?
If your Dyson vacuum cleaner is making a loud noise and removing the brushbar makes the sound normal again.
- If the bristles are worn on the brushbar.
- If the soleplate is cracked.
- If the brushbar has nearly been cut through by a hairgrip or hair.
- If you hold the endcaps of the brushbar and the brush doesn't turn freely (cleaning the hair and dust out of the endcaps sometimes solves this)

Will fit all the below non-clutch model Dyson DC14:

DC14 Origin, DC14 HEPA, DC14 Plus Tools, DC14i, DC14 Tool kit

Genuine Dyson DC14 brushbar and soleplate kit (clutchless models)