Genuine Dyson DC25 Cleaner head - comes with Brushbar motor, main head, PCB (electronic board), brushbar and end cap.915499-08

Compatible pre filter and HEPA post filter


When would this part need replacing?
-When the brushbar won't spin even after clearing the obstruction and pressing the reset button (can also be the yoke loom assembly or a faulty reset button)
-When there are sparks/burning smell from the cleanerhead.
-When it is damaged or had liquid spilt on it.

NOTE: -Compatible brushbar motors can also be purchased from our site, if you are not very technical then buying the entire head is the faster option as you don't even need a screwdriver to replace it. The compatible motors are manufactured by the same company Dyson use for the genuine motors.

Fits The following DC25 models:
DC25 Overdrive, DC25i, DC25 Multi floor, DC25 All floors, DC25 Multi Floor exclusive, DC25 Animal, DC25 Blitz it

Dyson DC25 Cleaner head service kit 915499-08 + pre filter and HEPA post filter