Dyson DC04 clutch repair kit


 This clutch repair kit includes the following parts: Drive wheel/cog, Large brushbar belt, small drive belt, bearing circlip.

The clutch may need to be replaced/ reconditioned when your Dyson is:

Making the ratchet noise when there is no blockage and the brushbar is spinning freely.
 The brushbar is not spinning when the clutch dial is in the 'ON' or 'D' position with the vacuum cleaner tilted back.
 Your Dyson is not picking up as well as it used to, belts may be worn.

 Will fit all the below clutch model Dysons:
DC04 Absolute, DC04 Absolute Purple Lime, DC04 Brush control, DC04 De Stijl, DC04 Limited Edition.

Dyson DC04 clutch repair kit