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Compatible Dyson DC24 brushbar motor

When would this part need replacing?
When the brushbar won't spin even after clearing the obstruction and pressing the reset button.
When there are sparks/burning smell from the cleanerhead

NOTE: Please be aware that on rare occasions when the brushbar motor fails it can also take out the PCB (electronic board).
If this is the case replacing this part will not solve your problem. You can buy the PCB and brushbar motor separately but the better option is to buy the cleaner head assembly as it come with a new cleanerhead, brushbar motor, PCB and brushbar.

Fits The following DC24 models:
DC24, DC24i, DC24 Multi floor, DC24 Multi floor Complete, DC24 Multi Floor exclusive, DC24 Animal, DC24 Blitz it, DC24 DRAWING Limited edition

Compatible Dyson DC24 Brushbar motor MTR285