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Dyson vacuum cleaner - Intermittent power troubleshooting tips

Is your Dyson vacuum switching off and back on again?


If the answer to this question is yes, then how long is it taking to come back on again is it coming back on immediately or is it taking 15, 30 minutes or an hour?


If the answer is immediately, or every few seconds or I wiggle the cable and it works again, SWITCH IT OFF!!! Do not switch it back on again until it has been repaired. This is a serious electrical fault and needs to be repaired by a qualified person.

I have seen cables that have literally scorched the back of the machine due to this fault, it is not worth getting shocked or burnt just to get that extra couple of feet of carpet cleaned is it?

90% of the time it will be the mains cable, 9% of the time the switch and the other very rare 1% will be down to the motor, thermal cut out or internal cable.

One more thing, if you still have one of those circular plastic things on your cable that Dyson used to fit (it was supposed to stop you pulling the cable) take it off it does more harm than good.


If it switches off and it will not turn back on immediately but comes back on after say half an hour, there is a good chance it is blocked and it is causing your motor to overheat and cut out.Firstly try using our troubleshooting page on suction problems.

If you have tried the suction problems page and it still cuts out after using it for a period of time try this:
Remove your cyclone and bin assembly. remove both filters (obviously if your filter is in the cyclone there is no need). Make sure the filter holders with filter removed are back in place.
Switch your Dyson on (it will be loud) and leave for about 20-30 minutes (make sure the room is free of children and pets before leaving it on).
If it does not switch itself off in the 20-30 minutes then there is a blockage, an air leak, or a problem with one or both of your filters even if the suction feels normal.
If it does switch off then 9 times out of 10 your thermal cut out is faulty and will need replacing by a qualified person. The other time your motor is faulty and is getting too hot which is quite rare. Either way it is a strip down to the motor to replace one or the other which requires a qualified person.


Try this!
Remove the cyclone and bin assembly. Plug it in and switch it on (It will be loud).
Now look at where the bin assembly was! Down at the bottom of the machine near the post filter you will see a grey lever.
If you press it the Dyson will go up to full speed and thus full suction. What has happened is when taking the bin off and on and off and on over the years it has worn down this microswitch cover. This microswitch is only used when using the DC04 zorbster in 'Zorb mode' instead of regular vacuuming.
Now there are three solutions to this:

1. Replace the microswitch cover (involves a full strip down to the motor so usually needs a qualified person) The fault may occur again after a period of time as the cover wears again.

2. Strip it down to the motor and simply link out the microswitch, this fault will never occur again but your vacuum will not work in 'Zorb mode' (admit it you never used it in zorb mode anyway did you?). Again it will need a qualified person.

3. Build up the cover with some sort of bonding, sealant etc. All you need to do is build it up enough so the bin pushes the microswitch in when sat in place. This way you don't need a qualified person and it may last you a few more months/years before it wears again.

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