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We understand sometimes the lure of the newest, shiniest model is too much temptation, especially if your Dyson is 10 years old or more and 'accidentally' fell down the stairs.

If you have been out of the vacuum cleaner market for 10 years or more and don't know your Dyson ball from your Dyson radial root cyclone we'll quickly bring you up to speed.


Who better to give the new models a thorough review than an independent expert who has fixed over 18,000 Dysons and still repairs them every day!

There's nothing worse than a salesman trying to sell you something, ANYTHING to make a sale!

We're not interested if you buy it or not as long as you feel like you've made an informed decision when you do.


Personally, I see so many people who have not been given good advice when they have bought their Dyson, by the time they find out it is not what they needed it's too late and they are anywhere from £200-£400+ out of pocket.


Click below on the vacuum cleaner model you prefer whether it be an upright, cylinder or handheld.

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