Dyson Repair videos

Due to increasing demand we have now introduced our own Dyson repair channel!


After over 17,000 Dysons fixed and now into our 19th year we can show you the tricks of the trade to get your Dyson back up and running quickly and without replacing unnecessary parts.

Quite a bit of research has been done before the decision was made to start the Dyson repair channel and we are confident that there isn't another resource quite like this for Dyson repairs.

Yes there are amateurs on Youtube having a go and showing you what they think should be done and you might need to look at 5-6 different videos all by different people just to piece together a problem!

At RepairMyDyson.com the repair channel covers a particular problem in full, say suction problems on a DC25, for each model.

We are owned and operated by an ex-Dyson service engineer and have run a successful Dyson repair business for a number of years. On a daily basis we are fixing multiple different Dysons, seeing the different faults and using the fastest repair techniques...you won't find the majority of this info on your average Youtube video.

This is a new feature as of February 2018 and due to the number of different models and different problems such as electrical problems, strange noises, burning smells, battery issues, flashing lights etc it will be a time consuming process.


We have started with the most asked about Dysons which is the Dyson handheld and Dyson stick models as well as upright Dysons and a number of these videos are available to view already. Please check back regularly or follow us on Twitter to find out when the latest videos have  been added.



Handheld & Stick Dyson videos

Repair videos for Dyson handheld and Dyson stick models

Upright Dyson videos

Repair videos for Dyson upright vacuum cleaners

Cylinder Dyson videos

Currently under construction but will be available shortly

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