Dyson DC25 troubleshooting tips

If you are having problems with your Dyson DC25 Ball upright vacuum cleaner then you've come to the right place.

As a repair centre with over 17,000 Dysons repaired and in our 19th year, we repair the whole range of Dysons day in, day out so we see every fault.

From our experience the most common faults with the Dyson DC25 Ball are:

  • Suction problems

  • Brushbar motor failure

  • Brushbar not spinning

  • Electrical problems

Our troubleshooting videos below are comprehensive and give a broad overview of the problems you will experience, it will show you how to quickly and efficiently diagnose your Dyson DC25 Big ball to keep the cost of repair to a minimum or no cost at all.

A video can be rented for 72 hours for £0.99 or if you are having multiple problems you can subscribe for £4.99 and that will give you access to every video on this channel for 30 days!

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How to efficiently diagnose and fix problems with wand/hose suction problems

How to efficiently diagnose and fix problems with cleanerhead or base suction problems.

Innovative ways of troubleshooting.

How to solve the whistling sound coming from your Dyson DC25.

Maintenance tips to fix or prevent suction problems happening again.

Brushbar maintenance.

Filter maintenance.

Dyson DC25 troubleshooting Videos