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Dyson DC01 troubleshooting tips - suction, noise, electrical problems

If you are having suction problems with your Dyson DC01, first of all check both of your filters.

Remove both filters and switch your Dyson on, you will have either two S level filters or one S level filter and a HEPA filter like the pictures below:

If after removing the filters then the suction is normal again then you have found your problem, replace both filters. You can find the S level filters here and the HEPA filter here.


If after removing the filters the suction is still poor, then check if the suction from the wand/ hose is ok, if that is ok is it a problem with the pick up  from the brushbar? Troubleshoot suction problems from both the wand or base below.

Wand/ Hose suction troubleshooting

First of all remove the wand and check the suction from the hose, if the suction is ok from the hose then there is a blockage in the wand handle, might seem obvious but its surprising how often it happens.

If the hose suction from the hose is poor then turn the machine upside down, look down the inspection flaps as shown in the picture below. Make sure there isn't anything obstructing the inspection flaps as if these are even slightly open you will lose suction.

Before you give the favourite answer of "I never had one" If you have owned the vacuum cleaner for 3 months or more with no problems, trust me you had one.


If the bin inner is there, the next step is the cyclone, check the 3 bleed valves on the back are they loose, sticking or missing?

The back of the cyclone should look like this, push the three yellow buttons, if they move freely and spring back out then they are ok, if they are sticking or any one of them are missing then that is your problem. Also the entire back of this assembly can be become unglued so make sure it is secure, if it comes off then simply reglue it.

Under the semi circular inspection flap there is sometimes a yellow or blue button (the wand bleed valve), press this button, if it is under tension then it is ok, if it is loose then this is your problem and needs a full strip down beyond the motor to repair this. If there isn't a button then you're ok and you have a newer model where this was removed.

Another check is to remove the bin, what do you see? Is it just a clear plastic bin with nothing in it?

Then you've found your problem, it should look like the picture below just with whatever colour it should be yellow, blue, pink etc.


Also check the black seals on the filter cage, the one that slides into the side of your DC01.

Especially the ones under the handle as these often become unglued or move out of position on the early models.

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