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Dyson DC07 vacuum cleaner suction problems - extra troubleshooting.

As mentioned on the previous page if you are having suction problems with your Dyson DC07 vacuum cleaner and have tried cleaning the filters and every other orifice try this:
Empty your bin and remove the bin, take the cyclone in the upright position and tap it on the ground being careful not to damage the seal on the bottom.
Some dust will fall out if it is continuously dropping big chunks of dust then look up into the cyclone to see if it is blocked (get a torch if necessary).
If it is blocked your best course of action is to remove the cyclone lid and put on a dust mask (see photo below)

BUT BEFORE YOU JUMP IN!! Read on to save yourself a major headache!

You will need a torx T15 screwdriver or a terminal screwdriver, but you might damage the screws using the terminal screwdriver. Newer models use the security torx which has the circle in the middle, you can pick up a pretty good kit of bits from most hardware stores for about £10-£15, just be aware that the chunky screwdriver that comes with it will not work for most repairs if you have other problems.


NOW, back to the important bit:

Make sure the bin is completely removed from the cyclone, as the trigger that releases the bottom of the bin like a trap door..........Well it has a very fragile plastic rod going from the top of the cyclone all the way to the bottom.
With the bin removed, remove the 3 screws on top of the cyclone and gently waggle the top loose, do not pull it hard because you will break the rod. If you break the rod there is good news........ we might have some used ones in stock if you contact us, otherwise these are NOT sold separately and you have to buy an entire new cyclone for around £40.


-You will probably want to go outside for this bit, if you are asthmatic I wouldn't even start this next part
Anyway if you successfully remove the lid, the entire inner cyclone may be jam packed with dust, it may not.

If it is, clear it all out but thats still not the end of it.
Around the outer edge you will see 8 small holes, these are your rootcyclones. Check down these with a torch to see if they are blocked (shine the torch in at the rectangle with a rubber seal at the back of the cyclone, as it is hard to shine a torch and look down the hole too, but you will try anyway :-) it's human nature).
If you can't tell then just assume they are blocked otherwise you wouldn't be reading this, give each of them a blast with some compressed air and I don't mean that canned air stuff (hopefully you are already outside by now otherwise a few cans of Pledge will be needed as well).  If that doesn't work try and get hold of another vacuum cleaner and use it to try and suck the dust out of the holes (you may need to improvise by making something that seals around the hole while you are vacuuming it, I find a crevice tool with a piece of cardboard taped around it into a fine point works well)





Put the cyclone back together being careful with the release rod.
The rod slots back into a hole at the bottom of the cyclone, miss this and guess what? Thats right your bin isn't coming off again, you'll have to remove the screws and take the cyclone lid off again.
So be sure to test the trigger and look up into the cyclone before putting your bin back on.
The end, plug it in, test it and hopefully hey presto it works like new again.

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