COVID-19 Information                                 Updated 18th September 2020

After briefly reopening we have made the difficult decision to close again due to the spike in cases and the local lockdowns that are rapidly spreading.

The parts store has been redesigned to allow parts to continue to be shipped.

I have made this decision as part of the repair process was a 4 day quarantine before the repair took place. With the rapid rise in cases and lockdowns occurring this may mean that we would have your vacuum cleaner potentially for months if a local lockdown occurred in Nottingham. Any vacuum cleaners still at our premises will be returned promptly.

Again your safety and our safety is paramount so be rest assured the situation will be monitored closely and we will reopen when I deem it safe to do so which could be 2021 if necessary.


We have a lot of information on our site that could avoid an unnecessary repair so feel free to browse the redesigned parts store, troubleshooting pages and also download a user manual.

We will aim to assist by email but please be aware this is not our only line of business so please be patient.


Thanks for your patience and we will update this page as guidance and circumstances change.