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Wanting to start your Dyson repair business but have so many questions?

If you have arrived here from our 'Start your own Dyson repair business page' then keep reading, if you have arrived here from a Google search then read about how we can help you start your Dyson repair business first by clicking here!

Why choose to help you start your Dyson repair business?

  • If you are a former (or soon to be) Dyson engineer then I started out just like you!
  • After 20,000 repairs, years of hard earned experienced and many, many mistakes I've optimised the repair process for the self employed Dyson engineer! I've built and grown the website, I've tweaked the pricing, I've found one supplier is good for some parts, another supplier is good for other parts, some parts you just completely avoid, what parts to keep in stock (this is an ever moving goalpost) etc
  • I can help with the transition from employee to self employed from:
  1. Where do I get parts?
  2. What parts should I fit? (Might sound obvious but it's not as obvious as you think)
  3. How to maximise profit!
  4. Should I get a website?
  5. What parts to keep in stock etc!!
  • Not only has been online since 2013! In that time it has become one of the main websites for Dyson repair in the world with literally millions of visitors.

  • Google 'Dyson repair' no matter where you are and see what page we are on!

My bet is page one! This translates into high traffic and enquiries for repairs.

  • Not only are we on page one for Dyson repair, we also sell parts, offer free advice, manuals etc so we are high in the rankings for most searches that involve Dyson.

What do I get as part of my one on one consultation with

  • As it says you get one on one consultation with me! Anthony the owner of where I will give you the process, the suppliers and extremely useful tips that will help you be successful and make the most profit from your Dyson business.

  • You get unlimited access to our Business member pages of which will give you answers to the questions above and more. It will also give you links to our recommended suppliers plus the pros and cons of each. It will also give you the tips we highlighted in the one on one consultation just to jog your memory.

  • We will also give you 30 days of support to help you get setup and ask any further questions you might have forgotten to ask.


If you are interested in the one on one consultation with the one time fee is  £149


There isn't a setup fee or any contract, this is a one time fee which gives you everything listed above.

Sign up below and I will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a convenient time for your consultation, it will usually take a couple of hours depending on the number of questions you have.

If you are interested but are not quite ready then email us here, all enquiries will be handled in the strictest confidence

1 on 1 consultation with

1 on 1 consultation

Unlimited Access to the business members page

30 days business support

One time fee £149