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If you are one of the many engineers who have been made redundant from Dyson and are wondering what to do next, read on!

With the uncertainty in the world due to Covid-19 it may take a while for things to get back to some sort of normality.

As you well know companies are laying off rather than recruiting but you already have an in demand set of skills that will be in even higher demand now and during the recession!

You may or may not have considered putting your existing Dyson repair skills to make some extra money!

As a former Dyson engineer myself that is exactly what I did and have made a successful business out of it.

One thing you will have to adjust to, which I'm sure will be relatively easy, is that:

EVERY job is a paid job!

No more guarantee or warranty work! (Unless you give a guarantee on your own work)

Other benefits are:

  • You can set the hours around your schedule, you might have another business or job you run in parallel ( I have another business I run alongside this one. Never have all your eggs in one basket you never know when the rug will get pulled from under you! eg. Coronavirus)

  • You can pick and choose the jobs you want and don't want.

  • You can choose to go to the customers house or you can have it dropped off at yours, you don't need a shop and you can charge extra for the convenience of an in-home visit.

  • The customers are actually grateful they're getting their Dyson fixed. No more ranting at you because you are the face of Dyson.

  • Business increases in hard times! Spend £300 on a new vacuum cleaner or spend approximately £50 getting their existing vacuum cleaner fixed! Which would you choose?

  • Finally, this is the best no longer have to hold your tongue anymore. If you know there is a common fault with a machine just tell them! The customer will still get it fixed 99% of the time as another 2, 3 or 4 years out of it is still cheaper than spending £300 on a new one.

How can help you?


Halftone Crowd

Google 'Dyson repair' no matter where you are and see where we are in the Google rankings!

My bet is somewhere on the first page!

Google 'Dyson repair Nottingham' and we are above

Without customers or enquiries your business will splutter and can take years to grow.

I know as that is exactly how I started out, the website was getting less than 100 visitors a month in the early days, now consistently gets over 250,000 unique visitors annually (this does not include repeat visitors).

This is where can give you a head start, I am in a completely different area from when I used to work for Dyson but I am still the go to person in Nottingham for repairs.

I might not have a glitzy website but it does what it says on the tin and I am consistently on the first page of Google for multiple Dyson related searches as I offer repairs, sell parts, give free advice and more.

To help give your business the best possible start,

I would list your contact details such as name, phone number, website, email address, Facebook page etc which would be linked to your area of the country on a dedicated page for that area.

This NEW service would be linked to the Home page and an email would be sent out to my thousands of members.

Setting up the business

Delivery Men


Now, I understand an advert is one thing but going from an employee role to a self employed role can be daunting.

There are a lot of questions:

  • Where do I get the parts from?

  • How much should I charge for the different repairs?

  • How much can I expect to make on each repair?

  • How do I run a lean business so I can maximise profit but also keep a good reputation?

  • What parts should I keep in stock?

  • What do I do about accounting?

  • Etc.

Going from getting free parts sent to you to ordering your own parts, making sure they're not gathering dust and making sure you're ordering quality parts is a minefield.


Also just because Dyson do not support or make parts, for example, for the DC04 (or any other obsolete machine) does not mean you can't repair it now, most obsolete machines out there can still be repaired.

I have made all the mistakes but have tweaked, improved processes and maximised profit on every repair over the years. In the early days I scraped by and even sometimes made a loss, for the last few years I have a MINIMUM fixed profit margin for EVERY repair.

Imagine ordering a few DC24 brushbar motors from a new supplier as they are cheaper than your normal supplier, you get to the customers house install it and find it runs backwards!!!!

Yes this happened to me, I had to remove the brushbar motor, order new ones from my regular supplier, return the old ones and then go back and install the new one!! Result = I made a loss on that job.

Lesson learned all suppliers and all parts are not equal.

I can help you avoid the pitfalls and teach you my methods and processes to make sure you are not working for nothing.

The repair costs I charge are on the website here and this is what I recommend you charge. Profit is good at these prices, if you charge much more then the customer will just invest in a new machine, it's a fine balance.

Getting Started with your Dyson business!



Ok so you've heard enough about setting up your own Dyson business and you're going to give it a go!

If you are interested in getting a headstart on your Dyson business by having your business advertised on and/or having one on one consultation regarding suppliers, profits, lean repair methods, inventory, accounting and much more then there are two packages available below! Click on either one to find out more on each one.

If you are interested but are not quite ready then email us here, all enquiries will be handled in the strictest confidence

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